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Idaho Geothermal Resources
322 E. Front St
PO Box 83720
Boise, Idaho 83720-0098
Ph: (208) 287-4800
Fx: (208) 287-6700

[email protected]

Idaho Geothermal Energy Resources


Working Group
Boise Front
Geothermal Power
Heating Systems
District Heating Projects
Reports, References, and Maps
Report on Development Potential of Selected Geothermal Site
Interactive Geothermal Map
Special Regulatory Information

Geothermal Power Generation Workshop
April 13, 2005 - 8:30 am - 4:30 pm
Owyhee Plaza Hotel - 1109 Main St. - Boise, Idaho
Pre-registration is required.
Flyer & Registration Form Agenda
Contact: Dayna Ball 208-287-4891.

for more information about geothermal in Idaho contact:
Ken Neely 208.287.4852
Gerry Galinato 208.287.4897

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"The Shoshone Falls on the Snake River" by Thomas Moran (1900) used courtesy of the Gilcrease Museum
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